Tips for Fashion Apparels and Accessories Shopping during Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale

I love when I go out for shopping and find that fashion apparels and accessories retail stores are having huge clearance sale! Gearing myself up to spend a certain amount of time in shopping and learning that I’m getting more for my money is one of the best feelings in the world.

Make sure you hit the stores at the beginning of the sale so that you get the best styles.
Always try to go for shopping on weekdays, preferably during the day time to avoid crowd.

Stores want to keep their shelves and racks filled with fashion apparels and accessories, but they get new merchandise so frequently. Eventually items that aren’t selling must be put on clearance sale in order to move it out of the store. This is the perfect time when it’s your turn to score.

Understanding Sales Cycles

Don’t get me wrong – stores want you to pay more money for the goods on the shelves. That’s why they put higher-priced items or fresh arrivals right at the front of the store, and clearance sale items way in the back. But just because a jacket is 30% off doesn’t make it any less fashionable, does it?

Wait Six to Eight Weeks

The typical retail store lets a new item hang out on the shelves for six to eight weeks before it’s marked down. Merchandise in retail stores is ever-changing, so brand owners can’t afford to have old items languishing on the racks and taking up space. Furthermore, after six to eight weeks of buying, there might only be a few of a specific item remaining. Therefore, it’s moved to the clearance sale section, usually at the back of the store. There, it can be lumped with other sale items to be snapped up by savvy shoppers.

Shop during End of Season Sale

Put the high-end products on your shopping list as EOSS (End of Season sale) is the best time to get the most aspired styles at the best prices. And most importantly definitely plan your trips during End of Season Sale. It would help a great deal in saving time and money if you have your entire shopping plan charted out.

Thursdays Are Best

If you want first dibs on a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, your best bet is to try shopping on a Thursday. Retail stores know that most people come to the shopping mall on the weekend, so they begin preparations on Thursday to mark down old fashion apparels and rotate new fashion apparels into the store.
By shopping on Friday and Saturday, you might score a great deal, but you might also have a limited selection. By shopping on a Thursday, you can have the best selection paired with the best prices to snag the item that you desire.

Best price to buy

A “sale” price isn’t always the “best” price. Some retail stores may offer a sale price on an item for a limited time; others may discount the price on the same item every day. Having an item’s brand, model number, and other identifying information can help you get the best price for the item you want.

Ask Around

I once found a dress on sale that I loved, but they didn’t have my size. Instead of leaving empty-handed, I asked one of the retail associates if she could check around to see if any of their other store locations had the same dress in stock. As luck would have it, there was another, and the store had it shipped to my house.
If you see something you want but the pickings are slim, ask to see what the store can do for you. While clearance buys are often limited, most stores have inventory elsewhere, so if you really want a great deal, it’s worth it to ask.
Calculate bargain offers that are based on purchases of additional merchandise. For example, “buy one, get one free” or “free gift with purchase” may sound enticing. If you don’t really want or need the item, it’s not a deal.

When prices are slashed the temptation to buy can be overwhelming even when the garment in question is not the right size. If those shoes are too small, jeans too tight or skirt too short then it will be a waste of money rather than a steal. Keep a cool head and only part with your cash if it’s really worth it.

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