Why Offline Shopping is still the Best?

Offline Shopping vs OnlineWhen it comes to comparing offline shopping to online, it seems like everyone has an opinion. With the rising noise about e-commerce and discounts, sometimes we forget that traditional shopping is still the best!

Offline retail are traditional brick-and-mortar stores that serve customers at physical locations, such as retail stores and restaurants.

Unlike online company, retail stores establishes personal connections with their customers, which in turn builds loyalty. Some customers may prefer to buy only after touching or trying on a product, which may reduce the number of product returns.


Trying the clothes and asking your buddies how you are looking in it, doesn’t this experience make you feel happy. It was not about what I want; but about what will look good on me as you hop from store to store.

Personalized Attention

Traditional shopping offers increased and personalized customer services, don’t you feel priceless when salesmen given you personalized attention, takes out the piece of apparel just as per your requirement.

An experience to treasure

When you shop with your loved ones, family or friends you cherish all the small talks and moments, which you may miss while buying online. It’s all about cherish the moment of being together.

Instant Gratification

In offline shopping you buy the product and you have it then and there, if you purchase something you carry the shopping bags as you hop from store to store. A lot of shopaholics feel pleasure in carrying those multiple shopping bags.

Online shopping is all about making the payment and waiting for one day to one week to get hands on the product. By the time you receive your order you have forgotten what you ordered and why! Also, you may have that one-off experiences when the product you bought isn’t what you expected.

A Food Extravaganza

Shop, Eat and Drink. One of the offline shopping advantages is that when you hop from retail store to store you eventually halt at a food outlet or cafe for a break. You enjoy some great food, drinks, chit chats with your loved once before you continue your shopping streak.

Kids Day Out

Most of the malls have entertainment/play zones like bowling alleys, video games & adventure rides for the elder kids, rides and colorful play areas for the younger kids featuring play ball areas, small slides, and tiny mazes, which turns out to be a treat for all kids.

Convenience and Safety

Most of the consumers want privacy and safety and that is one of the offline shopping benefits. Credit-card theft is often thought of as something that happens only as a result of online transaction. When you shop online companies start spamming you with promotional emails and text messages.

Return & Exchange Process

The process of return and exchange the stuff is often not easy while doing online shop, first the online company needs to agree for the return, then you need to be present at the collection address. Then it can take upto a week to reach their office and another week to refund the money into your account.

On the other hand, it is much easier to visit the nearby store and get the material exchanged or returned.

So, what kind of shopper are you? Do you shop online or offline? Tell us more about your experience in shopping.

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